2016 Weather Plan

Happy Picnic Week! In light of Kentucky’s ever erratic and unpredictable weather, we thought it might be helpful to share our weather plan. Fingers crossed that it will be a non-issue – this past weekend predicted rain all weekend and we barely had but a few drops!

Picnic with the Pops is scheduled to proceed. If it rains lightly, the show may be paused to let the weather pass (keep in mind that Kentucky summer showers often come and go very quickly!). In the case of lightning or heavy rain, patrons will be directed into the Keeneland Entertainment Center to wait and see if it passes. If rain passes, we will continue the show; if not we will announce the rain date and time while people are at the KEC and on local media.

In the unlikely event that the show will need to be canceled, SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 is our planned rain date.

If there is heavy downpour early in the day (either Friday or Saturday), and we need to make the call for cancelling / moving to the rain date, we will do so no later 5 p.m. that day. The show will not be called due to weather predictions prior to that day.

ALL rain updates will be posted here on www.lexpops.com as well as on our Facebook page.

Please note that pop-up tents and canopies are not permitted, but feel free to pack umbrellas and plastic garbage bags to cover your tables / food / decor if it looks like it might rain!

We have VERY rarely had to cancel this event due to weather, here’s to another beautiful weekend in the meadow! We look forward to seeing everyone in a few days!